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Located at the heart of Burgundy, Chagny is a good place to start of from and discover Burgundy, in Côte d’or or in Saône et Loire. Our tourist routes will take you on a wonderful journey. Burgundy boasts an astonishing array of treasures. Come and explore this outstanding historical heritage in its natural, leafy setting. Discover our villages, wine cellars, castles and historic buildings in the footsteps of the Dukes of Burgundy. The green way (Voie verte): whether you bike or walk, discover a great variety of landscapes along the shores of the “canal”.
Not to forget: bike-car loops with waymarks in the vineyards as well as lots of other activities (horse-riding, accro-branche (adventure park in the trees), wave pool, hot air balloon flight, golfing…).


  • The Hôtel-Dieu, in Beaune, is unquestionably the city’s architectural treasure, where humanist philosophy reached its peak.
  • The Abbaye de Cîteaux, cradle of the Cistercian order, is located at the heart of Burgundy.
  • The Abbey of Cluny offers both the outstanding heritage of its past, when it was a spiritual, political and artistic center.
  • Southern Burgundy offers a concentration of Romanesque churches among the most important in France.
  • The Saint-Lazare Cathedral in Autun, one of the most beautiful churches in France.
  • The “Templedes mille Bouddhas”, one of the major study and mediation Buddhist centers in France.


  • The Château de la Rochepot, a day’s visit to this splendid fortress-castle offers a fascinating trip through the history of the Middle Ages.
  • The medieval castle of Châteauneuf, perched on the heights of a rock spur, in one of the most beautiful villages in France.
  • The château de Sully, the greatest Renaissance castle in Burgundy.
  • The château de Germolles is not only one of the few palatial and princely residences of that time in France but also the only country estate of the Dukes of Burgundy that has been preserved so extensively
  • The château de Cormatin, built in the early 17th century, was meant to impress. And it still does today.
  • The château de Couches, Fortified medieval castle designed to resist the enemy’s assaults, is a symbol of power and strength.
  • In the park of the château de Savigny les Beaune, you can walk through an original collection of fighter jets and motorcycles.
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Découvrez la Bourgogne du sud

Tourisme en Bourgogne


  • Visiter les châteaux et monuments
  • Admirer les sites naturels
  • Contempler le patrimoine religieux
  • S’enivrer d’art et de culture
  • La Bourgogne des Ducs

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